About the blog

Why did I start blogging? 💗

I started 'Eat Bake Love' in 2009 when I was in Teachers college. I think it was a way to escape the stresses of studying full time and just learn more about baking. It was also a place to post recipes for my friends and family.

It ended up becoming one of my favourite things to do and over time I have managed to document my favourite recipes, my disasters and the progression of my skills.

Me in 2011
My first ever Gingerbread house, Christmas 2010.

 Why 'Eat, Bake, Love'? 💗

As well as baking I also love to read and in 2009 I had just finished a brilliant book called 'Eat, Pray, Love' By Elizabeth Gilbert. This book was about a newly divorced lady who was on a journey  discovering the world (and herself along the way).

I loved so many things about this book including the title. I decided to change it a little to fit my blog and so Eat.Bake.Love was born.

One of my favourite quotes from Eat,Pray,Love.