About Me

Hi, I'm Sarah-Rose,

I'm an Early Childhood teacher by day and a bit of an obsessed baker by night.

I'm also a new Mum and am currently finding the balance between baking, taking care of our home and raising our sweet little boy.

I'm married to an awesome man who bakes incredible bread from stoneground flour and all natural yeast. It's pretty amazing stuff and I feel blessed to have his scientific brain to help me in the kitchen. 

When I'm not teaching I spend most of my spare time reading books, baking delicious things and working on crafty projects. I also enjoy gardening and environmental science although I think I'm a long way off having a gardening blog- ha!

I love food!

I like experimenting with new foods and flavours, which means I'm always trying new herbs and spices. I love cooking different cuisines but I'm still a proud kiwi girl at heart who enjoys a good barbeque, swimming and marmite. 

Baking makes me smile and if I wasn't a teacher I'd love to own a cupcake store.

To sum up...

 I'm a hippie chick with a big love of real food, real people and retro style.

Check out my recipes and stay awhile xx