About Me

Hi, I'm Sarah-Rose :)

  • I'm an Early Childhood teacher by day and a bit of an obsessed baker by night.
    • I'm also a huge cat lover! in fact I already have my future cat names picked out.
    • When I'm not teaching I spend most of my spare time reading books, baking delicious things and working on crafty projects.
            • I also really like daisy's and gardening, although I think I'm a long way off having a gardening blog
                      • Mexican is my favourite food followed closely by anything coconut flavoured (especially Bounty Bars).
                      • I like experimenting with new foods and flavours, which means I'm always trying new herbs and spices. As a result my pantry is brimming with so many spices we can barely fit them in the cupboard!
                      • I love traveling and cooking different cuisines but I'm still definitely a proud kiwi girl who enjoys a good barbeque, the beach and marmite.
                      • Baking makes me smile and if I wasn't a teacher I'd love to own a cupcake store.


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