Yummy Breastfeeding cookies (but you don't need to be breastfeeding to enjoy them!)

A few weeks ago (when I was still desperatly trying to breastfeed) I made these yummy breastfeeding cookies. This recipe makes a huge batch so I shared some of them with my antenatal group friends and some for friends in my baby RIE classes.

They are a little complicated the first time you make them becuase you need to toast the fennel seeds and I also like to grind them up a bit so they are a nicer texture. My beautiful fellow Mama friend Kate gave me the recipe- Thank you! Who knows if they actually do help with your milk production but they sure taste delish! So why not give them a go?

Here's the recipe she sent me. The picture doesn't really do them justice because they are truly super delicous! (Just click on the picture of the recipe below to enlarge it).