Vegan chocolate cake and the perfect ganache

Since my lovely friend sent me this recipe a few weeks ago I've baked it twice. I love this cake because it literally takes 5 minutes to assemble and then 45 to bake in the oven. The cake can easily be made gluten free and is already dairy and egg free as well as having low sugar compared to most cake recipes. My favourite part is how moist and decadent it is!

Perfect ganache

My one tip for the ganache is that you can't reheat it otherwise it loses it's shine. My wee man decided to scream when I was just about to pour it over and I ended up having to leave it on the bench for about 30 mins while I put him to bed. When I got back it had gone really hard and I couldn't spread it so I heated it briefly over a bowl of water to bring it back to spreadable consistency. You can see the differences between the two cakes. One is matte and the other very glossy. Science aye? soo fascinating. This is the recipe from Chelsea Winter and I cannot recommend it enough. Thank you beautiful Shevaun for sharing it xx