Some thought's on becoming a Mama and some more healing foods

Today I went to a pretty exciting fundraiser event for Wellington Hospital. It was a 'pop in' photo shoot where you give $20 and get one professional photo of your baby. As I was waiting for our turn I started to casually chat with the Mum sitting next to me. I complimented her on her sweet baby boy and asked her about how it was going for her. Then I suddenly realised I was the ' more experienced' one. CRAZY! She had a little baby maybe 2.5 months and here I was with a rather big for his age almost 5 month old- where has the time gone!?

Becoming a Mama

Becoming a mum is honestly the single most joyous thing I have ever done. Whilst my journey to parenthood was anything but ordinary I think in those very trying circumstances you can grow and learn a lot. I ultimately learnt that I am 1000 times stronger than I ever knew I was or could be and even if I could have had my 'natural or dream birth' I'm not so sure I would have really wanted that now.

Let me explain...

I think that when you get everything you want or imagined easily it's not always as sweet. With that in mind I think that when I look back on the last 4.5 months of my new life as a mummy I honestly wouldn't change a single thing. It's been in those extreme moments of pain or difficulty that I have learnt the most about myself, about my husband and also the strength of my own families love for us. I definitely don't wish eclampsia on anyone - not even on my worst of enemies but what I am saying that this experience has added richness to myself like I never could have imagined. Not only do I have the most gorgeous lovely baby who's little smile lights up my day continuously but I also have a new appreciation for lifes difficulties. There were days I couldn't move, days I couldn't lift him, days I thought I would never get better and days that I cried and cried for the 'natural birth' that I never got. Through it all I kept positive! I held on to the glimpse of hope that I could do this and that I had to do this for my little boy and my husband.

Almost 5 months on...

Now that I'm 95 % better I can announce that I *think* I have done it! and by done it I mean I have got through the single most difficult thing in my entire life. Not only have I done it but I have emerged with a new lease on life and a new positive take on the fragility of life. I think becoming a Mama has also made me become a better human being. I'm more conscious of the foods I eat, I'm more careful with the exercises I choose, I'm more giving and loving than I ever thought I could be and most of all I'm just more happy than I ever thought it's possible!

No one can tell you what it's like, no one can say for sure what experience you'll have but all I can say is that you have to live it and know that even in those hard moments when you think you are alone or you think you can't do it- YOU CAN!!

 I have been sharing with some of my close friends that what got me through was telling myself daily that I could do it! I started saying mantras to myself like  

"You are strong, you are capable, you got this!"

I say it EVERY MORNING! It sounds bizarre but don't dis it until you try it. Theres actually a lot of psychological research that shows how beneficially this is to all kinds of aspects in you life. Give it a go...

Healings foods:

As some of you know I went through some pretty extreme pain. I'm talking pain that is so bad that radiates in every part of your body and in places you never knew even existed!

I've discovered that milk is a big contributor to the inflammation and tiredness I was feeling so have eliminated than completely but I have brought back things like gluten now after trialling a gf diet for for a little while.

I talked about green tea in my last post but I've also been enjoying turmeric tea and ginger teas with ginseng.

Coconut has a lot of great energy boosting properties and I've been enjoying buying those little energy balls from the supermarket or making my own.

Iron! I'm still taking iron supplements and I think they really help me with my tiredness but I also have found that iron rich foods are not just red meat or chicken. There's actually a lot in nuts ( heaps!) and lucky for me I love nuts so have been adding them to everything. I have a few great nut recipes I will share with you next week after I trial a few new flavours out.  I'm also enjoying sunflower seeds and pumpkin seeds that are toasted with a little sugar and some spices. I recently went to a foodie photography class for Wellington on a plate that showed us how to plate food. The head chef of Zibbibo loves them too! (just saying!)

This was a long post but if you made it to the end, Thank you!

Thank you for supporting me and my family and thank you for being you xx