Our HYGGE Mid Winter celebration

I recently purchased this gorgeous little book from the book depository called "HYGGE" It gives you an overview of what the Danish concept is (Pronouced hoo- ga, which I think sounds like a big warm hug) and why it can turn your winter blues upside down and leave you feeling warm, fuzzy and content instead of cold, sad and down in the dumps.

We decided to embrace this concept head on and had HYGGE party at our flat.
James' Spicy pumpkin soup

Yummy dutch cookies
James' Sourdough
My Hot Chocolate creation. Hot Choc with marshmallows, pretzels and mini candy canes.
My Winter cupcakes. Dairy free freeze dried strawberry & vanilla flavour
We turned up the heaters, turned on the Christmas lights and made some yummy warming treats for our friends.
  • We made a big pot of spicy pumpkin soup
  • Homemade sour dough
  • I made a hot chocolate bar with assorted sprinkles and toppings
  • Lots of marshmallows and thing for smores
The best part was that our friends got to meet our sweet baby boy and have a cuddle if they wanted to. It was so lovely to have lots of our favourite people under one roof, sharing a glass of red wine, a hot chocolate or some yummy homemade pumpkin soup and just sharing great conversation. 

I think it was a great success and if your looking for a fun party idea I would totally throw another one xx

I hope your staying warm in this nasty cold snap!