Saturday, 16 July 2016

Easy Key Lime Pie

After going a bit OTT with my lime supply for our 30th party I decided to bake a delicious Key Lime pie to use them up. Technically it wasn't a real 'key lime pie' because I didn't use Key Limes but it was still zesty, limey and tasty! I've made one once before in a jar but I much preferred this one, plus there was heaps which meant we could enjoy it all through the week.

Here's the link I used and some mouth watering pictures for you to enjoy x

This month has been super cold in our flat and at my work and I think just generally everywhere in Wellington really. Thank goodness we decided to buy a heater for our room because some nights have actually been too cold to sleep without it on! We've been enjoying lots of hot chocolate in front of the TV at night to stay toasty. I've also been wearing these amazing warm fluffy socks my husbands Aunt in Scotland sent me -so warm and cute! How have you been staying warm friends?

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