Friendly cats and making our own Crème brûlée

This month has been a busy month for us as we got settled into our new flat. We moved just over a month ago now to a house on the top of a giant hill in Wellington. It's nice to have a different view and perspective on a city we know so well. I'm still getting used to being able to see the ocean (it's very exciting!). I love watching all the comings and goings in the harbour and the planes landing into Wellington city.

Something a bit weird about our new house is all the cats that seem to visit us! I've counted 4 now that seem to roam our back garden daily. Too bad none of them are very friendly and I haven't managed to get one pat in yet. This is not your house kitties and if you want to live here that is fine as long as I can pat you. One is so cheeky it tries to push it's face through our cat door!

Also this month we have been making a lot of creme brulee mostly because James bought us a blow torch from Briscoes and has just been going a bit crazy trying it out.

So far we have made 3 different Creme Brulee's, one from scratch, one from a packet mix and one with pineapple. Fun fact about Creme Brulee is it actually means 'burnt cream' in French and I guess that makes sense because that's literally how you make the topping (by burning sugar on top).

After a few really successful attempts we've discovered some tips.

1. Always use white sugar for the topping because caster sugar just doesn't taste right or have the same effect. Maybe something to do with the surface area? or the crystal sizes in the sugar? I'm not sure but there you go.

2. The packet mix you buy from the supermarket is actually really great if your running short of time. Hansel's makes one and it saves you the 40 minute cooking process and the custard making but I personally think it's only about 1/3 as good as the made from scratch version.

 Crème brûlée

We just used 'Betty Crockers' recipe I found online and it's been awesome!

You start with making the custard which is vanilla bean paste, sugar, egg yokes and cream. Then you cook them in a water bath for 30-40 mins until almost set but still a bit wobbly and then you chill them in the fridge for 2 hours.

Finally, before you serve them you sprinkle them with some sugar (make sure its plain white sugar) and blow torch! When it starts to bubble and turn a nice caramel colour you're done!

My favourite part it that first scoop when you break it's crunchy sugary surface into a million pieces.  YUM!!!