Building the tiny gingerbread town

Last year my husband bought me this awesome tiny gingerbread house cookie cutter (off Amazon) unfortunately it didn't arrive in the mail until after Christmas. That means I have basically been waiting a whole year to use it!

Their construction was actually not as difficult as it might look. We just follow the recipe and instructions on the back of the cookie cutter. My pro tip is that you need to make sure your royal icing nice and thick! This stuff is like your cement for building them, if it's too thin it won't hold them together and you'll be waiting for ages before you can put the next piece on.
We had so much of fun decorating these cute little houses instead of making one big one this year. They were pretty fiddly and time consuming but they are also so cute that I think it was worth it :)
We decided to put silvered almonds on for roof tiles, as well as coconut and cranberries- yum! We also piped on some glitter icing for a few of them and then decorated them. Each one was a little bit  different just like a real neighborhood of houses.