My March Favourites

I've been watching a lot of Youtube tutorials this past month and have been inspired to do my very own March favourites blog post.

I case your not sure what I'm talking about I'll explain. A common thing to post on Youtube are these monthly favourites videos where people talk about some of their favourite things they did, bought or tried for the past month plus some reviews.  I figured why can't I do this in a blog version? So here I go....

While we're on the topic of Youtube I figured I'd start with one of my favourite Youtubers at the moment. Her name is Brittany and she is so awesome! Her channel is 'beautywithbrittanyxo'

She mostly does makeup tutorial videos but she also does cool hair tips and outfit ideas. Plus she's really sweet and has a really funky style.  I'm pretty sure we are kindred spirits even though I've never actually meet her. She's just really good, you should check out her channel.

All things Cinderella!

Over the Easter weekend I was lucky enough to twist the arm of my husband and we went and saw Disney's Cinderella together. WOW! What an awesome movie! So many sparkles, cute animals and of course magical spells that end in a fairytale romance *sigh* What's not to love? It really was great, you should go an see it!

So when I read online that they have their very own range of M.A.C makeup in Cinderella colours I decided I needed to buy some asap! Unfortunately for me and to my absolute horror they have sold out of basically everything in the range (in Wellington stores anyway). Just look how pretty it is, it's no wonder really!

The lipsticks especially look like they are great neutral colours and they have really pretty shimmering eye shadow too! I will get my hands on one, somehow!

Cinderella inspired cakes

If you're looking to waste a few hours of our life just google image or Pinterest the word 'Cinderella'. Oh man! I found some many lovely things! Here are some of my favourites...
Click on the picture to see more photos and details.

How about this for a Wedding cake? Soo pretty! If you want to check out some more of the 'prettiest wedding cakes' click on the picture for 20 more :) They are seriously gorgeous!

You could even make Cinderella cake pops,  talk about adorable.

My final March fav is...


I'm sure if you're reading this from the states or the UK you will already know all about the awesomeness of Netflix but in case you don't I will sum it up for you in one word. Life-changing.

Netflix basically means you can watch shows and movies on demand whenever you like! It's also really cool because it remembers your shows and recommends shows/movies to you that you will actually like!

I just started watching this hilarious new show called 'The Unbreaklabe Kimmy Schmidt' and having just been really sick with the flu I've been able to watch the Gilmore Girls (they have all 7 seasons!) whenever I like and that's pretty awesome :-)