Birthday cake pops fit for a Frozen princess

Since my cake pops were such a success I thought I would attempt them again but this time for a very special occasion! For a lovely little 5 year old I have been teaching for the last three years.

I decided to make them a few different themes just to be a bit clever. Her party was a Disney's Frozen one so I did a few with glitter and blue sprinkles, I also did some with butterflies and pink and yellow sprinkles and finally some with pink and white love heart sprinkles. Just right for a girl who loves princesses and fairies I think :)
Instead of baking the cake, breaking it into crumbs and rolling them into ball (like last time).
I  decided to use my cake pops silicon pan and it was awesome! The size of the little cakes was just right for a lollipop stick. You can buy one of these great little pans from Spotlight or online from Amazon.

Then it was time to mix up a yummy strawberry cake batter and bake these cuties!

Ta da! I was pleased that they all popped out perfectly and were cooked just right! (Phew). The most important step is to place a stick in each one and then freeze them for at least 30mins or until they like little cake pop rocks. I actually baked these in my friends kitchen while we were watching a movie and luckily for me she has a way bigger freezer than I do! but if you have a little itty bitty freezer you might have to do it in batches!

Then it was time to decorate, I had three bowls of sprinkles and one big bowl of melted 'Cadbury Dream' chocolate then just got to work dipping them in and sprinkling up a storm -my favourite part!

Heres my final result, sooo pretty and flippn delicious plus I think the Birthday girl loved them- I know her Mum did! So all in all a huge success :-)

I'm already looking forward to making some more really soon, I just need another special occasion.... suggestions?