Homemade orange chicken

This week I tried a new recipe that was a bit scary to be honest, it was for homemade orange chicken. One of my favourite foods is Chinese and after my friend taught me how to make traditional Chinese dumplings last year I've been trying to get into more Asian inspired dishes at home. What I've learned so far is that Asian cooking is all about the balance of flavours so tasting along the way is absolutely essential. It also requires a lot of practice even if you're a pretty good cook to start with you probably won't get it perfect the first time.

This was a time consuming dish (about an hour all up) but oh my gosh, was it so good!

I found the recipe on Pinterest and followed it exactly except replaced the spring onions with white onions because I didn't have any.

I thought I'd share a bit about it and the recipe which you can get here.

Orange Chicken tips:

  • Use half cornflour and half regular flour (or gluten free if thats your thing) this will make your chicken nice and crispy!
  • Add the juice of the orange as well as the rind if you want it to be a bit more orange flavoured
  • It doesn't matter if you don't cook your chicken completely through because your going to return the chicken to the pan when you add the sauce (this goes for a lot of Chinese recipes) If you cook it too much at the start you risk it becoming chewy later.
Okay delicious pictures time!

The Pinterest picture...

My picture...

I think for a first attempt this was a complete success! I served it on steamed cauliflower because of my Paleo diet but obviously rice would be ideal. If you like Chinese you should definitely try this, my husband said it was just as good as our takeaways down the road- maybe even better!