Homemade macarons

Last Sunday I was procrastinating about writing my next essay and decided to give making my own macarons a go. I really love macarons but theres only a handful of places that sell good quality ones in Wellington and they are so expensive! I'm talking $4.50 for one macaron, although they are really, really good! I thought I'd see if all the fuss about how tricky it is to make them is really justified.

So after reading lots of different recipes online and watching several videos I decided I was ready to try and tackle these tricky little things...

The recipe itself wasn't too tricky but getting the right consistency for the mixture was! It's pretty technical In fact lots of the recipes said that if you didn't to get it just right then they would be too tough or not even cook at all! One said you should do precisely 55-60 folds when adding your dry ingredients to your egg whites so I went with that concept and I think it worked out pretty well.

It was slightly annoying piping them because it took about 20 minutes or more (and a lot of concentration) also annoying was that I made most of them waaay too big because I didn't realise they would almost double in size when I baked them, whoops!

As you can see they look more like little meringues than macarons but they tasted pretty good.

I would like to try them again at some point but maybe when I have a couple more hours and a bit more patience!

 Practice makes perfect!

I love these little cookie monster ones! So cool!