Love is in the air!

When I think of Valentine's Day I always think of this song (I don't know why!)

Maybe it's because I used to be obsessed with that film in the late 90's?

Speaking of romantic movies I also really love this one...

Such a beautiful testimony to marriage I think, I dare you to watch it without crying!

So on that note... I am planning a surprise cake for my husband this Valentine's Day and I thought instead of sharing the cake design (because he does read my blog on occasion) I thought I would share some pretty Valentines cakes and see if you can guess which one I'm planning!

Cake 1:

I adore pretty layer cakes and this one will definitely put my icing skills to work!

Cake 2:

So many pretty flowers!

Cake 3:

I'm all about the banners! This one is super cute and easy to make so would love to give this a go at some point...

Now for cake flavours, I'm leaning towards a Red velvet for 2 reasons. 1 is that I haven't actually made one that was a success for about 3 years or more and 2 its the colour red so ya know? Fits the theme really doesn't it?

Although in saying that lemon cake is my forte and it can be coloured easily so hmmm you'll just have to wait and see blogger friends xxx