Happy first of December!

As some of you know I fricken adore Christmas! mostly because I love Christmas carols and Christmas stories but also because it just seems like a lovely, special time of year.

There is totally some Christmas magic in the way people share food and gifts with their loved ones year after year and some even give gifts or their own time to other people in need like the homeless. It's also one of the only times a year that I get to see my family and bake those extra special delicious treats, this makes Christmas my most favourite holiday by far!

I'm planning on baking several delicious Christmas treats this year...

1. My rocky road

Its kind of my signature Christmas treat, I get a lot of requests for it which is always a sign of a good recipe! I first made it about 5 years ago now and have been bringing a batch home to my Mum and Dad's every Christmas since. It's really easy but impressive (stay tuned for the recipe).

2. Lemon shortbread

I just baked this for the first time this evening and am so stoked with it! (recipe to follow)

3. Mini gingerbread houses

4. Christmas cupcakes

I've bought a heap of cool new Christmas sprinkles and can't wait to make some Christmas themed cupcakes this year, maybe these ones?