Happy New Year!

Hi friends, bakers and bloggers,

I haven't done very much baking lately because I'd been really busy teaching and getting ready for our end of year holiday! But now that Christmas, teacher interviews and our big British adventure have all come to a close I can happily say I've freed up some time to get my bake on!

Tomorrow is our first wedding anniversary and I'm planning a bit of secret baking extravaganza! But I'm not going to give away to much yet because James actively reads my blog posts... all I can say is its going to be pretty epic- stay tuned for a blog post soon.

I've got the most hideous hay fever at the moment! It seems to be plaguing me this year so I thought I would share a nice soothing remedy I found online and have been using for the past few weeks.

Hay fever tea:

Peppermint, ginger and chamomile are all herbs that are said to lessen the affects of hay fever, this is a nice calming tea to make that has helped ease my itchiness.

One Peppermint tea bag
Fresh ginger
One Chamomile tea bag
Mint leaves

Brew the tea in a large teapot with a few springs of mint, a tablespoon of honey and some freshly peeled ginger (about 5 large slices). 

Drink hot or cold

Does anybody else out there get really bad hay fever? All tips/remedies are greatly appreciated!

Hope your 2013 has been treating you well so far?

(I didn't bake this I just thought it was super cute and it's Champagne flavoured!)

Hugs, SR