Alcoholic cupcakes

My friend Tania recently made some vodka cupcakes and that got me thinking about what other possibilities there are for alcoholic treats?

I found there are heaps of amazing alcoholic cupcakes already on the market in cupcake stores especially the champagne cupcake and the margarita, these are some of the awesome flavours that Miss Melicious cupcakes make...

They are an Auckland based cupcake store that have just released a cupcake cookbook (which I can't wait to read!)

My only alcoholic cupcake attempt so far is a baileys cupcake which I made for Saint Patricks day. They were pretty good but the Baileys only came through in the icing not the cake.

I guess thats because when alcohol cooks it gets burnt off and so the flavour doesn't seem to really stick in the cake. Most of these recipes have a plain cake base and the alcohol is placed into the frosting or the filling.

What about a Lemoncello cupcake? Oh boy, oh boy! I really love Lemoncello but it's pretty full on (strength wise) I think in a cupcake it would be toned down just the right amount to be perfect!

I dont actually own any lemoncello but I do own a peachchello so I might have to try making those instead.

Hey are a few more delicious treats you could make...

Malibu cupcakes

Frangelico cupcakes

Cosmopolitan cupcakes

What I dislike about alcoholic cupcakes and baking is that whenever you read about them in a book or online they use the word 'Adult treats' it just seems disturbing to me but hey if you can get past that (which I'm sure you will) the possibilities for delciousness are endless really.

Happy Baking <3