Is it too early for Christmas? oh well I'm blogging about it anyway...

As some of you long time readers will know I love Christmas! and when I say love I mean really LOVE!!. It's just such a special time of year for me. My parents always went to such an effort making our Christmas' fun and exciting times. We had beautiful family rituals like decorating the christmas tree together, putting up our stockings and other Christmas decorations and of course there was the baking!!

I think I've started my own little ritual now after the wild success of my gingerbread house last year so I'm definitely looking forward to making another one of those bad boys.

Here's some more cool Christmas thing's I'm looking forward to baking this year.

Only 3 months to go friends!

I really love the concept of homemade gifts e.g baked goodies ;) It's just so much more personel and homely (not to mention thrifty and eco friendly) So I'm also looking forward to giving some of these ideas a try...

Click here for the detailed instructions on how to make these beauties from above!

Peppermint bark

Ginger snaps

Fudge presents- too cute!

Homemade fruit mixers

Most of these ones are from heres the link for you so you can give them a go yourself.

Merry (very early) Christmas bloggers <3