Marvel creations

If you havent already noticed theres a huge Marvel revival going on at the moment. I personally am very pleased about this because Spiderman is my absolute favourite super hero ( followed closely by Batman) both of which have been turned into new movies released in the last couple of weeks.

I thought I'd share some cool cupcakes and baking I've found online before I attempt my own tomorrow night (we are going to watch Batman the Dark night rises)

These are just made with black fondant and cut free hand (using a picture as the template) pretty effective and cool! I'm going to make mine with chocolate which I think will be just as good and taste better:)

Then I saw these bad boys!  The coolness is outstanding! heres what they could look like all iced up

I did a quick google search and found out these little cake pans are all the rage in the US at the moment... so obviously this made me want to get some too! has some pretty awesome ones like...Darth Vadar and Spiderman:)

I also found this cake! Talk about amazing right? I'd love to try and make this one day I especially love the Captain America layer.