High tea and a robot Birthday cake:)

A few weeks ago we went home for James' Birthday. This was the perfect opportunity to go out for High Tea (which we'd been talking about doing for ages). Purely by accident we picked an awesome day to go, Queen's Birthday! As part of their Queen's Jubilee celebration they had an extra special (frightfully English) menu.

 Our menu 

I thought I'd share some of my favourite parts of the experience with you...

The mini pork pies and chow chow!

The roast beef and horseradish sandwich and smoked salmon on pumpernickel.
And then the cake trolley came! (which was all you could eat)

Chocolate orange crown, Lavender cupcake,Custard square and Battenburg cake

Everything was soo delicious, tiny but really flavoursome:) If you haven't been to a high tea before I can totally recommend going to the Langham Hotel in Auckland. It was so much fun and the scones were honestly the best scones I've ever tasted, just pure fluffy sconey perfection.

Round two: Bake well tart,Strawberry tart,Fruit cake,A real blackberry jelly and Victoria sponge cake.

When we got home I had a Birthday cake surprise up my sleeve for James... I baked the cupcakes in secret and then snuck down in the night to ice them. 

On his Birthday morning this was what he saw in the kitchen...


I just made it from lollies and pretzels! James loved it so much (well anything Robot related and it was a sure winner really). They were just plain cupcakes but I filled them with Hershey fudge sauce and we took them for lunch all week, so it was like the Birthday that kept on giving.

If your looking for something fun to do for your Birthday or just for a weekend, having high tea is so much fun! We are planning on going to the one in James Cook Hotel in the next few weeks so I'll let you know how that one compares x

Have you been somewhere for high tea? Where do you recommend?