My Wellington crush (& cake shop crushes)

We moved to Wellington over 3 years ago now and I can honestly say I really and truly adore this city!

I went for a walk through parliament last night and thought to myself 'Yep, Wellington is an awesome city' I think the parliament buildings are particularly pretty. 
I took this photo a couple of weekends ago just before dusk when it had been pouring with rain, love it!

My top five favourite things about Wellington:

1. The coffee amazing pretty much everywhere you go! Especially Flight!
2. The people are really friendly and helpful. Want to test this? just stand with a map on a corner in Cuba Mall and count how many people stop and give you directions!
3. It's a theatre and musical hub so there is always a good indie gig or a theatre production to go to, I like the Bats theatre the best:)
4. Whether its pouring rain, super windy or glorious sunshine the South Coast is always awesome! Every time I go there its completely different and I find some new sea creature or unusual seashell.
5. I like how you can walk right around the city fringes on the 'City to Sky walkway' because the city is so compact! You get this whole other perspective of the suburbs and amazing views. It would be impossible to do this in Auckland, you would die of exhaustion before you even made it half way.

Now for my baking crushes...

As most of you know my favourite cupcake/cake store in the whole of NZ is '' based in Miramar. They handmade every little element of my dream wedding cake and it was beyond perfect! They also make incredible cupcakes. You should check them out (our cake is even on there website!)

My second favourite cake shop is Tempt in the Old Bank arcade. But I hardly go there now because its so out of the way. There cupcakes are soo delicious! albeit expensive but they are still a fav!

My final favourite cupcake shop is Cupcake sweeties in Lower Hutt. 
They don't have a shop but they sell there cupcakes every Sunday at the City Market or online They also sell there cupcake decorations and products at the NZique store in Petone.

 (Alice in Wonderland cupcakes from Cupcake Sweeties)