Coffee Fix

I know I usually do blog posts that are baking and cooking related but I thought for something a little bit different I would share some coffee related goodness.

 (You can buy this cute coffee cup sleeve here)

Coffee is my one vice... I have to have a coffee every morning or I just feel a bit off all day. My coffee can't be any old coffee though, I have a really good plunger and I always use fair traded ethically grown freshly roasted coffee. I realise as I'm typing this now I sound a bit 'fancy' but truthfully it just makes such a big difference. I like to start off my day on a good note, for me coffee that tastes delicious does that.

Living in Wellington is awesome if your a coffee lover like me. There are so many locally roasted coffee blends, I'm spoilt for choice really! A few weekend's ago I discovered Flight coffee (now my new fav) and it is seriously, seriously good coffee. Strong but not bitter, flavourful but not overpowering, just really very good.

Here are my top 5 current favs, some you can only source from Wellington but others you can buy at your local supermarket or online.

1. Flight coffee

It's just amazing, you need to try it. Memphis Belle Coffee House in the city would be a great place to try it out otherwise The Cheeky Pipi in Island Bay use it and so does Gasworks in Miramar or buy it online from

2.  Caffe l'affare

I buy this one most weeks because its usually on special at the supermarket and that is awesome for two reasons. One,I save money and two, its really delicious coffee! My favourite is the Organic blend, it just has a bit more depth of flavour than the other ones I've tried. But I'm yet to try all of them so I'll keep you posted.

3. Havana Coffee Works

Another Wellington favourite. Havana have only three blends but they are all really decent and available at your local supermarket (if your in Wellington). They also have a really cool cafe where you can buy the beans freshly roasted or just enjoy a coffee.

4. Atomic

Based out of Kingsland, Auckland they are the coffee James used to Barista with when he made coffee (back in the day). Their classic roast is sweet and fruity with hints of cedar and citrus, yum!

5. People's coffee
I used to live about 2 blocks from them when we lived in Newtown and that was awesome because I could pop down and check out their new blends. I'm still in walking distance but I usually buy their coffee as a special treat now as it's pretty expensive. They also sell these adorable keep cups, so cool!

I hope my mini coffee review gave you some new coffee's to try out. If not heres some cool coffee art to entertain you.

xx SR