Happy Hunger Games! May the odds be ever in your favour.

One of the most anticipated movies of this year has to be The Hunger Games. I read the books last year (by recommendation from a friend) and really loved them! So in honor of the movie release this week I wanted to make something special. I decided on Hunger Games cupcakes.

I made them banana caramel flavored which was also a first for me. Banana cake and caramel is a winning flavor combo that I just discovered a few weekends ago. We went out for a coffee after our shopping and I tried a banana caramel cupcake- Ahmazing! My new favourite cupcake.

 Here are some pictures for you. Basically you just use any banana cake recipe, fill them with caramel sauce or caramel condensed milk, then ice them with caramel flavoured icing. I bought a caramel essence (Hansells) from the supermarket which worked a treat! It smells and tastes divine, plus is made from 100 percent natural ingredients which I love because so much baking stuff is full of freaky chemicals these days.

 Mmm Caramel goodness!

To make the Hunger Games toppers I just used a print out of the Mockingjay (identical to the picture above) and traced over it with chocolate onto some baking paper, put it them in the freezer and your done.