Autumn's here and that means EASTER! (& homemade Easter eggs)

Autumn and Summer are my two favourite seasons. Luckily they are right after each other so I get to enjoy the warmth and sandy feet that summer brings and then before I can get the 'Summer has gone away blues' Autumn is right there with its beautiful colours and piles of pretty leaves to scrunch!

I also love Autumn because that means Easter is just around the corner. I actually love it so much I wanted to have a Autumn themed wedding but Wellington doesn't have any pretty places where leaves collect, its so windy they just blow away!

Last year for Easter I made my own cream eggs. They were painstaking and took about 2 hours but were pretty cool in the end. For Easter this year I've decided to make my own Easter eggs from moulds. I've got the moulds already and am hoping to put different flavours in the centre like a coconut/ bounty bar kinda filling, chewy caramel and mint cream. Here are some of my favourite Easter inspirations, I thought you might like to see some of them (click on the pictures for more info).


Are you inspired to make your own Easter eggs now? I hope so!

xxx SR