Tea and other delicious things

Recently I've had some time to reflect on the finer thing of life...I could spend a few paragraphs explaining them to you. Or! I could just post this picture I found...

So cute! and so true (maybe bar the Road trips though, I used to like them but after way too many 9 hour drives from Wellington to Auckland and vice versa I'm not really a fan anymore-Sorry Road trips maybe we will get back together in the future.)

Other cool things I discovered this week?

Tehehehe I cracked up when James showed me this! I think I laughed out loud for about a minute or so... I hope you enjoy it <3.

In other news I spent a good 4 hours on Pinterest on Friday night, I think I might need a Pinterest intervention lol. If you havent discovered the joy of Pinterest yet you should sign up and follow me :)

I only baked once this week... considering its school holidays atm that was pretty restrained I thought. It was a marble cake which was actually wasn't as good as I hoped, but was super fun to make! You basically divide a plain cake into three  add cocoa and red colouring, then just go nuts with a fork mixing them into a pretty pattern :)

Hope you have a swell weekend x