Pretty things and the week that was

Beautiful warm Wellington weather L-R Scorching Bay, Breaker Bay, Sunset from our house.

Yes! thats right it was sunny almost everyday last week and I managed to get outside and enjoy it on more than one occasion which was awesome! If this is any clue on the Summer we have to come then I am very hopeful of long summer days filled with swimming at the beach and big cones of homemade ice cream!

I'm pleased to announce Wedding planning is going really well now, the trick is to decide on one thing and then stop looking (thanks for the tip Geraldine) Because otherwise you just get bombarded by pretty things and find yourself not being able to decide because you love them all! Here's a sneak preview of our wedding..... the church: Saint Barnabas, Roseneath.

 and reception venue...Wellington Rowing Club

I think thats all I'm going to share on our wedding for now, 4 months to go and the rest of my ideas will have to be a surprise!