Blogger award

A lovely fellow blogger Trees from Adventures of a girl from the Naki awarded me a blogger award a few days ago, which is very exciting! So basically you answer these question below and then pass it on to 15 other bloggers.Make sure you send them little message so they know you've awarded it to them.

Whats your favourite colour?
I like yellow, its bright and happy. Its going to be one of the colours for our wedding

Whats your favourite song?

I don't think I have just one. I like loads of music. Especially Johnny Cash, I could listen to him all day and never get tired of his music.

What is your favourite dessert?

This is tricky for me, I have the BIGGEST sweet tooth ever. But I think something chocolatey wins hands down, there's nothing quite like a good fudge brownie with hot fudge sauce and ice cream!

Whats pissing you off?

Nothing really at the moment... It is kind of annoying that power is so expensive right now. I dread getting their bill in the mail

When you're upset you...
Pout and cry, I'm such a girl!

Black OR white?

White, I'm not sure why though, I never wear white because it always gets dirty and it annoys me lol. But I do like the colour.

Biggest fear?

Burning to death would be pretty horrible. I used to have nightmares about that, I also thought I was good with heights until we went rock climbing and I realised looking down freaks the crap out of me!

Your best feature?

I like my hair, its an awesome colour.

Everyday attitude....

Happy go lucky, I'm pretty chilled which I think is a good quality. Unless I'm doing wedding planning it seems to stress me out!

What is perfection?

Having a hot chocolate and with good book,bliss

Guilty pleasure..
Donuts! I adore them. I think I want them at our wedding hahaha!

FINALLY - award 15 blogs

1. My sisters blog
She blogs about her crazy travels and adventures and is currently based in London.  I love seeing what she's been up to and I think you will to.

2. Abode in me
Run by my friend Janetta, she writes about lovely things shes seen or has been doing, shes studying sculpture and it never ceases to amaze me.

3.The Ardent Sparrow
I really enjoy this blog, so many pretty pictures and inspiration, just check it out.

4.Beantown Baker
This one of my favourite food blogs, and also one the first blogs I started following, she makes soo many mouthwatering things.

5. Beauty blog
This is blog run by a cool chick called Annie. She reviews great products and its really handy to get someones opinion before you commit to spending a lot on makeup.

6.Hello,I love you
A blog by Kaylyn who is an amazing artist! So talented, go have a look at some of her stuff.

7.Musing of a girl called Annie
The blog of one of my dearest friends, she writes wonderful poems so keep an eye out.

8.Wicked good dinner.
Lots of yummy food and recipe inspiration
ahh! I'm starting to slow down picking this many is pretty hard work!

9 Yea Yea Pueblo
I just discovered this blog a few weeks ago and its really cool! Her photos have beautiful vintage hues to them and blogs about lots of things im interested in like hiking and gardening

The blog of one very cool fellow NZ chick, she writes about her bunny and her adventures in Auckland. Her food is awesomeness.

11. Scenic glory
This one of my absolute fav blogs out there. Lindsay has so many great ideas! ( I'm totally going to make a dinosaur terrarium!) a what you ask? Go and see her blog x

Phew! ok I seriously can't even award anymore because these are all the blogs I read regularly. But thanks for letting me share some of my favs with you! I hope you find some new good reads.