Winter threads

I went shopping this afternoon ( for the first time in ages!) and I was kind of surprised at the amount of cool stuff in the shops at the moment. Usually when I go to the shops I find one or two things I like out of what seems like a million 'chain stores'. I guess this season the things I like seem to have come into fashion all at once (excite!). So I thought I'd share a few of my favourite things in the shops at the moment. I didn't buy all of these things, in fact I only ended up buying a pair of black pants for work, but a girl can dream right? Maybe I will save up and buy a few of these things before winter is over.

Cute double breasted hoodie from Glassons [29.99]

Then I went to 'Number One Shoes' and woah! They have divine shoes atm! They also have ' look books' now on their website which I found kind of weird at first until I found this one:

Pretty right? Its like the have channelled my inner hippie and I'm loving it! I don't know how much of those outfits I would actually be game enough to wear but still! Its good to have options. I especially like the peace sign ring and the first pair of brown boots, mega cute.

Necklaces are also really cool atm, I saw this amazing one in 'Cotton on' but I can't find a picture of the exact one, it was something like this though (which you can buy online from one of my favourite websites www.

Bow necklace by kutekiwi

Okay that all my favourite fashion finds for now, wishing you a lovely relaxing weekend blog friends!