Body for life update

Last Wednesday I started "The Body For Life" program. I've heard only good things about it from friends and family and I thought now would be an excellent time to start because its coming into winter now (the time I usually fall victim to winter comfort food). Today is week one down of the 12 weeks. I can happily report I have lost 2 kgs already and am feeling really great! The hardest part about it was actually the first few days. It felt weird eating every 2-3 hours and by the days last 'snack' I hard to literally force myself to eat something. But after the initial shock my body got used to it and by day 3-4 I was feeling really good. I have a lot more energy and am thinking it's not going to be as hard as I initially thought at all.

 Sugar free brownies! Yes please!
Its definitely weird not being able to eat sugar though.... Being a self confessed sugar-o-holic I found this really challenging and am struggling to not eat a biscuit with a cup of tea! But a piece of fruit usually fills the gap, I did eat some sugar this week but only on Sunday (which is my nominated day off). I also made some body for life bran muffins that have Splenda in them instead of sugar and they are surprisingly good! They do tend to have a bit of that weird artificial sugar taste but you get used to it after a while and its better than having nothing sweet at all!.

You're probably wondering why a baking addict like me is having this sudden urge to be healthy? Well the answer is in the question really. I love to bake things, but as a general rule baking isn't good for you long term and in the last couple of years (while I haven't put on a lot of weight) I just feel like I could be healthier! I've never been particularly 'slim'. In fact most of my life I've been a curvy chick which I'm fine with but I would like to be healthy and a little less curvy in some places lol.

So after researching my options on the Internet I decided on Body for Life because it has had some dramatic results over the years, plus it doesn't require you to count calories (which sounds complicated and a pain). The one thing I don't really like about it is the protein shakes that your meant to supplement your meals with. Basically your meant to eat regular healthy meals but then in your snacks have protein shakes to boost your weight loss. I mean I try to have one a day but they taste pretty weird. I've started adding all kinds of fruit into the mix to disguise the taste (seems to be working so far). So yes that is my weight loss news I will keep trying to update you when I remember, so far so good!

I saw this last night on Pinterest and thought it was awesome!