Toadstool cupcakes

As promised here are my toadstool cupcakes!
These little babies were pretty time consuming but a fun way to fill in my Saturday afternoon.


The red fondant ones have lemon curd on top (it acts like a delicious adhesive) and the green ones have  lemon curd icing with coconut grass (green dyed in food colouring). James then made me some tiny toadstools to place on top of the 'grass' ones, cute huh?

I just used a plain cupcake recipe and added a few tablespoons of lemon honey or lemon curd into the batter, but you could make them any flavour you like :) The hardest part is the rolling out your fondant! I figured out its waaay easier if you place it between two pieces of glad wrap first. Then you just peel it off and cut out your circles. This saves a lot of time and sticky situations (mind the pun). Its also a good idea to use a lot of cornflour in fact cornflour is pretty much your best friend when your using fondant. So don't be afraid to go over the top, you can always add some water to it if it gets too dry.

Ah cupcakes you make me so happy! xx