My home-made creme egg adventure

I decided to embark upon this crazy idea of making my own creme eggs this easter and I'm pleased to say that although it was time consuming the result was really awesome!

 Look at these beauties! pure chocolatey indulgence

One of the trickiest parts was having to make my own corn syrup because New Zealand doesn't have such a thing. Luckly I found a rather good recipe on the net which worked a treat. You do need lots of patience though!

 Home-made corn syrup success!

I essentially copied this Instructable on how to make Creme eggs, but for a something a little fancier I added flavours! Hansells natural essences are amazing for this! I add them to icings too and they make your cakes and cupcakes that little bit more special. I then added pink food colouring to the strawberry ones and ta da! strawberry creme eggs, oh boy! 

So as I was saying it was mega time consuming... this was because the whole rolling out the filling ordeal took about an hour plus and then you have to coat them in chocolate, which is a whole other story.

 The first stage of rolling the filling into balls (and my first completed Creme Egg)

There is two ways suggested in the instructable recipe. I tried both and while using the chocolate moulds made for a pretty result after making three this way I was pretty much sick of it. So I resorted to dipping the chilled filling balls straight into the chocolate, fishing them out with a fork and then letting them set. Sooo much easier and a pretty good result I think.

If your feeling adventurous this Easter and want to make something impressive for your friends and family then you should totally give this a go! But be prepared for lots of mess and stickiness, I guess it kinda comes with the chocolate making territory.

Happy Easter blog xx