Toadstool tales

On Monday night we went for a late night stroll through our neighbourhood and stumbled upon these bad boys! yes thats right they are cute (but very poisonous) little toadstools!! I thought they were so pretty that I took my camera down early the next morning and snapped a couple of pictures to share with you.

I used Poladriod to 'age' and polariod them (if you haven't used it before you should head over to their website and download it because its the coolest!)

I don't know about you but to me there seems something really magical about a toadstool. I can totally  imagine tiny pixies or gnomes making their homes in one! After doing some research on google I found out some little known toadstool facts. For instance, did you know toadstools only grow in autumn? and the name toad comes directly from their likeness to poisonous toads? ek! Good thing I refrained from touching one lol.

I also found these very cute toadstool cupcakes! I have a HUGE piece of fondant in my freezer that desperately needs using so I am going to try my luck at making something autumn themed this weekend, I'll keep you posted x