Saturday, 19 March 2011

New name

I've been thinking about renaming my blog for awhile now. I've been "Sezasaurus" for almost two years and while the name has meaning to me its a bit hard to remember for new readers (let alone spell!). I also just wanted an excuse to make a new banner so thought it was about time for a change! This morning I asked my Facebook for new name suggestions and I got some amazing ones! Who knew my friends were so clever? Actually I did! You guys are the best.

I'm just trying this name on for size. Its was one of my Sisters suggestions and I think its awesome because I adore Elizabeth Gilbert's book 'Eat,Pray,Love' plus its just cute and catchy don't you think?

If not, the name is still very much up for negotiation, so leave me a suggestion!


AlexTheKid said...

Hiya, just discovered your blog. Loving it! Especially love the new name and the cute-as-pie banner. Planning some Easter themed posts? It's by far my favourite holiday and I'd say deserves a significant build up :)

♥ Eat,Bake,Love ♥ said...

Hey Alex, Thanks so much for reading.
Yeah, I am totally planning a bunch of cool Easter projects! So look out for them in the next couple of weeks. All of them will require chocolate,chocolate and more chocolate x

bunnyeatsdesign said...

Eat, Bake, Love works for me. Will you be moving to a new domain then?

♥ Eat,Bake,Love ♥ said...

Yeh! I was actually thinking about buying the domain name but still hosting on Blogger and redirecting it?. Because otherwise all my links will become dead:s


bunnyeatsdesign said...

Yeah, you should be able to redirect. No need to pay for hosting (and rewriting all your links) that way.


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