First Fantastic 4 Friday

This year I thought I'd have a cool new  'feature'. Every Friday I'm going to list four of my new favourite things, they might be recipes,videos or tasty treats that I have recently discovered and want to share with you. I hope you enjoy it!

1. The very first number 1 is these little beauties.

Their called "Nature Valley Crunchy". You can read more about them at their website. I think they might be an American thing but they have a New Zealand website too. These crunchy little morsels are the perfect holiday snack or lunch box filler. One of our fav new treats and therefore my very first "Fantastic 4 Friday" item.

I bought my very first pair of eco friendly shoes last week. I had to order them off but oh my! they were worth the trouble. They are most comfortable shoes you'll ever wear, its like walking on clouds, and the best part is they are made from recycled eco materials. The soles are car tyres, the laces plastic bags and the canvas is organic cotton that's fair trade.

3. This delicious Edmonds recipe for the best ever scones, I believe it! They really were the best.

4. Milly's Kitchen. 

 I went there when we were home in Auckland last week and wow! They have amazing baking stuff. Their cake decorating section alone is worth making the trip into town for. I bought some eatible glitter and delicious  Wilton cookies and cream sprinkles for my next batch of cupcakes.
 If your not from Auckland don't worry! they also have an online shop :-)