Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Lemon,ginger,honey drink

I've been sick with more than my fair share of colds this year and as a result I think I have now perfected the art of making lemon, ginger, honey drinks. Having another cold at the moment I thought I'd share my remedy with you!


= The perfect lemon drink!


Pour in about 2 table spoons of lemon cordial or concentrate. I think using a lemon cordial instead of actual lemon is the trick here because it tastes really nice and not too acidic or bitter.

Then grate about a teaspoon of ginger into your cup, or if you don't have a fresh ginger use a pinch of the dried stuff.

Add the boiling hot water to fill the cup.

Place a teaspoon of honey into your lemon drink, as much or as little as you like to taste.

Stir in a slice of lemon, now rest and enjoy!


lindsay said...

okay...this sounds amazing. lemon, ginger and honey are my favorite not to mention all mixed in one...fabulous!

hope you are feeling better ♥

♥ Sezasaurus ♥ said...

Its so yum! and really soothing xx

Ettie said...

yummy! there's really nothing like this combo for an itchy throat or to remedy general glumness! lovely :)

Squ1rt said...

Sounds great- do you have a prefered coridial recipe? or do you use a store brought brand?

♥ Sezasaurus ♥ said...

I really like 'Bickfords' but I thinks its an Australian thing so, just any cordial should do as long as its made from real lemons not some yukky artificial deal.


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