Christmas spice and all things nice

For me one there is two tail-tell signs its "Christmas Time". When the shops put up their Christmas decorations and when Starbucks starts selling their delicious Christmas coffees. I am pleased to announce that day is today!

This morning I walked past so many beautiful shop windows, Christmas lights, dancing Santa's and sparkly snowflakes seemed to adorn all of my favourite shops! Christmas time is finally here and that also means the Body Shop starts selling cranberry joy body butters. This year they have a whole range of the Cranberry joy scented products, which I adore! and some new spicy scented ones like this one.

 Starbucks also has their special "Christmas blend" which I honestly believe is some of the best coffee in the world, I think its that much more special becuase they don't sell it all year round. I try to stock up but it usually only last until about late February at the latest.

 After purchasing a delicious grande dark chocolate cherry mocha and a large bag of "christmas blend" I think I should be sorted for at least a couple of weeks, I cant wait to try their "toffee nut latte" next time.

 Another one of my favourite stores that has special Christmas products is Lush. I just had a quick peak in their door, but smelt a delicious soap called "gingerbread house". Its sweetly spiced like fresh gingerbread and look how cute it is!

They also have soaps shaped like snow globes this year and Christmas puddings, yum!

Hooray for Christmas!