Wicked cool cakes

I'm starting to really get into cake decorating. Now if only I could actually use my icing bag I would on my way to creating some coolness. Here are some of my favourite internet finds,they will blow your mind!

Mario wedding cake. cuuuute!

 Robot cupcakes
 Yes, this is cake! holy smokes! its crazy. Everything is edible and made from fondant icing.

 These are some of my favourite Halloween cakes. Last year I made a brownie graveyard cake with green coconut icing and tiny gravestones made from funsize chocolate bars, this year I'm leaning towards the ghost cake....

I'm also going to make a pumpkin pie this year ( because my awesome American friend tells me they are out of this world good) and I've never tried it before. Does anyone have a good recipe?

These are two are super cool wedding cakes I found. I would love something like this for our Wedding cake, but probably too pretty to eat....
After looking at all these awesome cakes doesn't it make you want to go and decorate something? I've decided I'm going to look into night classes . Then I can crank out a rad xmas cake for Mum this year. She always does these amazing things with almond and marzipan icing. Time to repay the favour I think! watch this space.