Overseas candy goodness

When I went to the University of Auckland I would buy all these amazing 'in between classes' snacks. Their "Munchie Mart" is one of the few places in NZ that seems to stock foreign chocolate bars. On Saturday me and James had a mean as craving for some Jaffas cakes (which are a UK biscuits filled with jaffa in the middle and coated in choc). But after driving around Wellington and going to three different supermarkets I had to return home disappointed.

It seems that if you want a certain foreign something e.g a "skor bar"or a "jaffa cake" they are as precious as gold or as my mum would say "as scarce as hens teeth".

I have heard rumours about a diary in Porirua that sells awesome USA stuff but am also yet to find it.

I thought I'd share some of my favourite "Munchie mart" snacks with you and hopefully I will get a chance to stock up when I come home to Auckland next.

Skor bar:

This is similar to the butterscotch brittle that used to come in the Hershey " pot o gold".It also breaks up really easily so you can sprinkle it on top of cakes and cupcakes, yum!

Almond joy: This is like a bounty bar but with an almond on top. I think the filling is even nicer than bounty though.

Reeses peanut butter pieces:

Peanut butter covered in chocolate, what more could you want really?

Crunch bar:

We used to sell this in NZ aaaages ago but it seems to have disappeared off the shelves, without anyone asking me.I really like this one because its kind of like those rice bubble krispies/crackles that you'd make for birthday party when you were little. The supermarket next to our flat had big blocks of it for like a week, but now its gone again!

The last snack is something I constantly seem to be searching for.


With their delicious cococnuty cherry goodness they are my favourite chocolate bar but the supermarket seems to only get them at Christmas time,its so random. Then last week I saw some double dipped ones and bought some thinking "hooray I found a shop that sells them" only to discover the next week when doing my shopping they have sold out. Grrrr I swear it is some kind of strange cherry ripe conspiracy I mean if their so popular why don't they have them all the time? We would buy them. After talking to some other people about this strange cherry ripe ordeal they too agreed they would buy them. Sometimes shops are such weridos.

The elusive cherry ripe:

Regular and double dipped cherry ripe.