Winter wonders

Winter in Wellington has been beyond cold so far, but I've found some new things that cheer me up and warm me up this wintery season.

Number one: Our slow cooker!! We bought one on the weekend half price and I've been using it almost every night since for stews, casseroles and for puddings! You can even bake things in it- which I'm trying out today for the first time. You just add all your ingredients and then at dinner time...viola! delicous dinner is waiting for you. Brilliant:)

Number two: Robert Harris has put out a special 'winter realease' coffee blend called "alpine blend" it sooo good. Kind of a spicy, chocolaty coffee that warms you right up and tastes delish! It kind of reminds me of Christmas coffee but not so spicy and nutmeg filled, more chocolatey notes. I've been making it every morning... and lunchtime... and afternoon tea.... its just so good, go and buy some! If you want to read about it, its the first thing that comes up on their website. mmmmmmm

Number Three:
Looking at pictures of warm places and dreaming of travelling to them!

I've been googling awesome European destinations recently(because hey why not? I mean a girl can dream right?) I've decided I am going to visit St Tropez beach in the south of France. Oh my! Its beautiful and apparently its the hang out spot of Johnny Depp! bonus!.

Here are some fabulous pictures to look at, so you can dream to!. Oh summer how I miss you!