Thursday, 10 June 2010

Peanut butter and banana sandwiches

One of my favourite things to eat is a peanut butter and banana sandwich and after a quick google search I was surprised to find out I'm not alone. About 2,350,000 results! most of those were recipes for how to make the perfect peanut butter and banana sandwich. Awesome! So I decided to check some of them out. Now I'm used to getting funny looks from people about my sandwich filling choices, jam and cheese, vegemite and lettuce, but the humble pb and banana appears to be perfectly acceptable. One recipe was for a pb,banana and hazelnut spread sandwich... I thought that sounded like a winner so for lunch today I tried it out.

Wow! it tastes even better than it sounds.Apparently there is a knack to making the perfect sandwich though...especially if its your classic peanut butter and jelly, which even has its own Wikipedia page. Apparently the pb and banana is just a variation of the pb and j. Other variations include raisins and peanut butter ...sounds interesting and marshmallow fluff? I don't even know what that is but it sound pretty delicious, although not the kinda thing you'd want to have everyday.

Any way it seems like its all about the bread, good bread = good sandwich, makes sense. That's probably why Subway is sooo delicious. Speaking of delicious here are some delciously cute pb and j pictures I found from my googling.

How about a peanut butter and jelly cupcake? mmmm

or a Mona Lisa made out of peanut butter and jelly! Woah!

Couch cushions!? I think that might be taking it a bit too far

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