The engagement story!

Lots of people have been asking me for "the story" so here it is! I've made it especially detailed for my awesome sister because I cant tell her in person (She's in Korea) and for James's sister Katie too xx

So on Saturday we decided to get engaged.... We had been talking about it for a while and James decided I should have a ring and make it official.

We went into the city and looked at a few different styles of ring, colours,stones etc. I never knew there was so many things you could choose- ek!

Nothing really took my eye.

Then we got to Pascoes on Lambton Quay. I saw the ring straight away but it was $18,000. I nudged James and said "Oh that's it! that's the one tehehe, just kidding"

I was going to to give up on the ring shopping trip for this weekend when James saw one in the window- it was almost identical to the $18,000 one and for a fraction of the price.

We went into the store and tried it fitted perfectly! the lady in the shop was impressed "That almost never happens" She said."It must be fate!"

I wasn't 100 percent sure so we put it on hold and went and had some lunch. We walked round a few more shops and James said "You want that one don't you" *sigh* he knows me soo well!

So James bought it for me! BUT he wouldn't let me wear it!

Me "oh maaaan! Do I get to tell people though?
James "Nope, not until I ask you"

I could see him drawing this out for months I thought! even years! I bet he's going to make me wait for aaaages and I've already waited 6.5 years!

But I was wrong...on the ride home he drove a different way home.

"ooooo!" I thought, he's going to ask me now! Horray!!!

We drove to the top of Mount Victoria (Which is an awesome lookout over all of Wellington for you Aucklanders).

We sat down at this little seat on the sculpture.....

This was our view.....

Just kidding! it is Windy Wellington and winter after all lol! it was more like this.....

But still beautiful:)Then James asked me! and I said........No.

James: "What?"

SR:"Are you sure? Because you know that means your stuck with me FOREVER! and forever is a loong time"

James" I'm sure"

SR:"OK! :)"

And now I am the proud owner of a very beautiful and very sparkly ring eeeee!

For those of you wondering no we haven't set a date. But there is a definite possibility of two engagement party's (one for the Wellingtonians one for the Aucklanders) of which you are invited to both! :)