blogging for blogs sake

So I've decided to join in with the whole blogging craze for two reasons. 1. I like to find amazing websites and share my cool findings with people, I seem to be forever finding rad pictures of interesting stuff and super sweet vintage finds so this is going to be kind of like an online scrapbook and 2. I'd like a place to talk about stuff that is going on with me, especially my teaching career becuase it occurred to me this year has been pretty intense (stress wise) in fact that's probably the understatement of the century. Having just completed my second set of exams ( one more lot to go) this blog will be pretty amusing to read back over in a year or so's time, when most of my worries will be pretty insignificant as I'll have new fears like trying to avoid being chewed up and spat out by my potentially monstrous students.Any who I feel my first post is drawing to a close so I'm just going to say OMG! I got my vintage tops from trademe today and they are even more awesome on than they look in the picture (see below) and maths sucks and anybody who can convince me otherwise I will bake cupcakes for the rest of forever.