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Anti-inflammatory ginger and turmeric crunch

Recently I've been experimenting with old recipes and trying to make them a bit more healthy. Replacing the dairy milk with nut milks and adding in anti-inflammatory foods like turmeric.

As most of you know I am still recovering from a lot of complications from our birth and I have choosen to eliminate dairy from my diet in an effort to speed up my healing. Almost 4 months on and sadly I STILL have severe pain but the pain is slowly beoming less frequent so that's pretty positive (phew!)

A couple of weeks ago I made this yummy Ginger Crunch for my lovely antenatal class friend. She has some food senstivities as well so I made it gluten free for her and dairy free for me.

It's from an early 90's cookbook that is actually from my old primary school up in Auckland. The school as I knew it doesn't exist now because it got bought out by the expanding high school next door and now are about 2 km's up the hill over looking Orewa Beach.

Anyway! Here is my recipe. I use…

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